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    Princess St.

    Project Details

    Located: Kingston
    Sector: Commercial Office Space
    Year Completed: 2015

    Team Members Involved

    Jordan St. John
    Mike Hawk
    Matt Cadieux

    Project Details

    The $350,000 Sum project consists of the construction of roughly 250,000 m2 of a new building towering 4 levels. The building has an open courtyard in the centre comprising of approximately 3.5ha of open space with seating and dining areas.

    We look forward to again teaming up with our partners in Kingston to ensure the successful delivery of multiple projects including the Princess St. Renovation.

    “Ottawa Siding Ltd. has been one the most valuable business partner we have had the pleasure of working with. They've really saved us time and effort. Ottawa Siding is exactly what our business was looking for, with the same ideas and styles in mind. Thank you Jordan and your crew for making this process pleasant and delivering a beautiful siding update to our office!”
    – Kirsten W, CEO.

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