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    We bring together the personalized service of a small, family-owned business with the professionalism and high standards of a larger company.

    Our priorities are to complete every job on time and within your budget. We always provide accurate timeframes to help you plan. This includes contacting you prior to when the job is scheduled to begin to confirm the start date. Whenever we start a new job, we finish it as quickly as we can without taking away from the quality of our work. At Ottawa Siding Ltd. we understand the pride that comes with being a home owner, and that’s why we take pride in every project we do. We use a “no surprise” approach when quoting your renovation, taking into account every aspect of the renovation to provide accurate estimates for the cost of your project.

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    15+ of Combined Experience

    We've all heard from friends sharing their 'renovation disaster' stories. With Ottawa Siding Ltd, you can leave the stories with our competitors!

    Always Deliver in Time

    In a world where clients need the job done by yesterday, Ottawa Siding is the only choice for delivering on time and within budget.

    Eco Friendly

    All of our products are made and installed with the enviornment in mind. Keep your house looking beautiful, while keeping a beautifully small carbon footprint.

    Ottawa's Best Home Renovators

    We're passionate about what we do. Every job is done as if our own team will be living or working in the structure afterwards.

    Maximized Return on Investment

    At Ottawa Siding, we know that your home renovation is also an investment. Why risk anything, when you can have a garunteed increase in return simmply by calling us!

    Client Satisfaction

    Jobs Done in Budget

    Construction Permit Success Rate

    Non Returning Clients

    Average 1 Year ROI

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